Cosmetology and Nail Technology Teachers classes also available.

C.E.U Classes for Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Esthetics and Barber  

Nail Technology Only 

Nail Tech Contract

A preparatory course for a career as a Nail technician, Salon Manager or Owner or a Manufacturer's representative.

This is a separate license, leading to the Illinois Nail Technology license and focuses on the practice of nails only.

Units of Instruction (Nail Technology):    
Basic Training 50 hours  
Related Concepts 15 hours  
Practices and Procedures 305 hours  
Business Practices 30 hours 
    Total 350 hours

Price $3100.00             Payment plans avalible       Application for  O.P.I Scholarship    

Refresher Course $8,00 per credit hour needed

Will except transfer hours from another school.

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Next class starting April 29th. 2013

                               May 20th. 2013

                               July 8th    2013

Full time students finish in 12-14 weeks

Day or Night Classes        Don't wait to sign up

Day Classes- Mon-Tue-Thursday   9am-12pm  - Theroy

Night Classes Mon-Wed-Fri   6pm-9pm- Theroy


Cosmetology Contract

Units of Instruction: Cosmetology
Basic Training 150 hours  
Practical Chemical Application/Hair Treatments 500 hours  
Hair Styling/Hairdressing 475 hours  
Shop Management 200 hours  
Esthetics 85 hours  
Manicuring 55 hours  
Electives 75 hours  
****Internship Program (Substitute hours for qualified students) 150 hours   
Total 1,500 hours

Tuition REG. $14,800.00          Special   $8500.00      SAVE $6300.00   

Next class starts  July 15th. 2013


Full time - Finish in 10 months.


Monday through Friday 9am-4:30pm               Full Time

Monday through Friday 9am-12:00pm             Part Time

Please call and we will set you an appointment with one of our specialist to work on a flexable schedule that will fit your needs.

Will except transfer hours from another school.

Financing available for Cosmetology

Refresher Courses $12.00 per hour